Company Profile

Gene P. Smith, founder and CEO of Life Changes EAP, worked with Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services for six years. In 1989 he left there and started a company that provided consulting and counseling services, including employee counseling, in Virginia and North Carolina. In 1993 he renamed the company and narrowed the focus of his services, with a concentration on employee assistance programs (EAPs) and consulting services.

In addition to our staff of trained counselors, we contract with independent counselors, ensuring that we always have the local resources to meet your needs. Because all of our counselors are licensed and/or certified, you can have confidence in the services that we provide.

Life Changes is an independent company and is not affiliated with a particular treatment facility. When program participants need medical or other treatment, we can make referrals to the most appropriate, reputable, and cost-effective treatment providers.

Life Changes has offices throughout Virginia and North Carolina; we also network with EAP providers throughout the United States and Canada. Whether your company has only one office or has facilities worldwide, we can be your single source for all of the employee assistance services that you need.

Even if your company already has one or more EAPs in place at some of your locations, you can choose our comprehensive program as your primary EAP, and we will oversee the services that your other EAPs provide. Whether Life Changes provides all of your employee assistance services or coordinates your existing services, you will enjoy the benefits of a local EAP with years of proven experience.