DWI Assessments & Treatment

If you've been arrested for DWI, this page can help you.  On this page,

  • I'll tell you what you can do to get your license back faster . . .
  • I'll tell you how you can get an assessment within 48 hours . . .
  • And I'll tell you how to get free answers to your questions about being arrested for DWI.

How to get your license back faster . . .
When you're arrested for DWI, your driver's license is taken away. Usually, you aren't allowed to drive until you get it back (in 30 days). But you might be eligible for limited driving privileges sooner than that . . .

  • if this is your first offense, and
  • if you have an assessment (see below) within 10 days after your arrest, and
  • if you sign up for the recommended program right away.

Talk to your attorney to find out if you qualify for limited driving privileges.

If you're convicted, your license is taken away. To get it back, you'll need to have an assessment and do what the counselor recommends (classes or treatment). But if you already had an assessment (to qualify for limited driving privileges), you won't need another assessment after you're convicted.

How you might be able to get a lighter punishment . . .
If you're convicted, the judge will decide what your punishment will be, depending on the facts of your particular case. He might have to make your punishment more strict if there are any "aggravating factors" (bad things) – for example, if a child under the age of 16 was with you when you were arrested.

But he might give you a lighter punishment if there are any "mitigating factors" (good things) – for example, if you voluntarily have an assessment and take classes right away after you're arrested, or if you have a good driving record.

An assessment and classes can help you . . .
An assessment is a meeting with a counselor who will give you a substance-abuse test and determine what level of care you need (based on state guidelines) if you're convicted. The counselor might recommend that you receive treatment. Or you might have to take classes at Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School ("ADETS").

Where to go for an assessment and classes . . .
There are different places that provide assessments and classes. You may go to any provider that's approved by the state, including public providers (such as the mental-health center in your county) and private providers (such as my company – Life Changes, Inc.). You may go to the same provider for your assessment and classes. Or you may have your assessment at one place and take classes somewhere else. It's your choice.

To get an assessment, you need to bring $100.00 cash. (It doesn't matter where you go for an assessment. All providers charge exactly the same amount.) Also bring a copy of 1)your ticket, 2)a copy of your driving record, 3)a copy of your Breathalyzer results, and your attorney's name and phone number. If the counselor recommends classes or treatment, he or she will tell you what you need to do and your options.

If you have more questions . . .
We'd like to help you. Call my office anytime at 1-800-776-3022. It's a free call. And we'll give you free answers to your questions. (But remember: We can't give you legal advice. There are some questions that only your attorney can answer.)

There's no obligation to use our services. I hope that you'll come to Life Changes for your assessment and classes. We can usually schedule your assessment within 48 hours! If you've already had an assessment somewhere else, I hope that you'll come to Life Changes for your classes. But even if you don't, you may call us with any questions that you have about your DWI arrest. We'll help you get the information that you need.

Gene P. Smith
Executive Director

Come to Life Changes, Inc. for your assessment and classes

  • Life Changes is approved by the state. We can provide the services that you need to help you get your license back.
  • We can usually schedule your assessment within 48 hours.
  • We have morning, afternoon, and evening appointment times. You can come to Life Changes for the services that you need – without having to miss work.
  • Our services are private and confidential.
  • Our counselors are trained and experienced. We'll recommend the level of care that you need, based on state guidelines.
  • We have 10 convenient locations:

We're easy to reach. Just call 1-800-776-3022 to make an appointment at any office. It's a free call – call us today!

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